Dynamic movement with fluid breathing combine to create a vibrant mind and body.

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In the 1920’s, Joseph Pilates developed his ground-breaking system of strengthening mind and body using a floor mat exercise and a variety of equipment. His techniques were originally used to rehabilitate prisoners of war, but gained a wider audience that continues to grow today. His methods focus on enhancing core body strength and flexibility to support natural grace and movement.

Pilates builds on fundamental breathing and movement skills to condition the whole body through strengthening, lengthening and efficient movement. Plumb & True classes provide a complete workout by combining Pilates techniques with a modern knowledge of safe spine mechanics and individual attention to each client’s needs.

The best way to start?

Whether you are new to Pilates or want a tune-up, we recommend starting with our free, introductory Pilates 101 lesson. This brief orientation to Joseph Pilates Contrology will teach you to connect with these amazing mind/body techniques and deepen your practice to benefit from the best that Pilates offers.

After your lesson, we will develop a plan of action that works for you.

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